Mineral Hi Pressed Highliters, Bronzers &  Blushes

Low Sheen, High Sheen & Glitter Highlighters, Bronzerz and Blushes


Our Pressed Highlighters & Bronzers are a Ph Balanced, Paraben and Sulfate free product! 100% CrueltyFree. The Low Sheen Highlighter comes in 2 different shades- the darker Mermaid Shadow (slightly darker, more gold tones) and the Lighter Pearl Champagne (Lighter with light Iridescent shine) and our Bronzer is a medium brown with gold tones! The Primadonna FX Highlighter is a High Sheen Gold Highlighter with a very shimmery gold/peach, *NEW* Moonlight on Mars Highlighter is a beautiful iridescent copper and the Obsession Highlighter is a GLITTER highlighter with a rose gold and iridescent sheen.The powder is created with a Kaolin Clay base and includes a light SPF!  Vegan product. Blend with a brush or fingers.



Ultra Pigmented Highlighter Glitter drops! 


Out GLOW Drops are versatile and pigmented! Be bold and GLOW gold! Reformulated with a binding agent these do not separate and are blendable into your foundation! Completely Vegan product! Blend with a brush or fingers.



Ultra Pigmented Highlighter Glitter drops! 


Out SHINE Drops are fun an add sparkle to any look! Be bold and shake that glitter ya mama gave ya! This formula is like our GLOW Highlighter Drops however we added a binding agent for longer wear and no more drastic separation! Vegan product. Blend with a brush or fingers.


Shade Options

Mineral Hi

Dreamy Liquid Matte Highlighter Pen

Organic Formula

Dreamy is a Liquid Pen with a formula that is Ph Balanced, Paraben and Sulfate free! 100% CrueltyFree. Create beautiful highlights on cheeks, under brow, or down ridge of nose in a nice controlled manner with our synthetic, vegan brush! Twist Bottom to get desired amount of product!


Shade Choices

Highlight & Contour Products

Glowing Luminescence is an eye catcher in any setting and TriggerHappy is proud to offer several Vegan options for our clients to use!

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