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By Rockwell DeVil

The Rockwell Collection Box Set 

The Rockwell Collection Lip Texture Kits are a 2pc Kit with a Liquid Lipstick and coordinating Texture Powder for two bold looks! Apply your choice of Liquid Lipstick and brush on your texture powder for desired 'texture' effect! Bad Apple Comes with Datura for a dark glittery effect, Apothica comes with Sangria for a brushed metal effect and Night Shade comes with Midnight Stroll for a deep blue iridescent effect!

$15.00 ea set

                                                                                                 We Ship to US and CANADA

The Rockwell Collection Champagne Brunch

Matte Shadows Palette

Color Option

Charmed Highlighter Drops

The Rockwell Collection

The Rockwell Collection Box Set includes all of the products currently in the Collection - All 3 of the Liquid Lipsticks and 3 Texture Powders, Charmed Highlighter Drops and the 4 Color Nail Lacquer Set!


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The Rockwell Collection LipVelour Texture Kits

TriggerHappy Cosmetics Presents

The Rockwell Collection is excited to launch a beautiful MATTE Shadow Palette! We asked the beautiful Rockwell De'Vil what colors she feels are must-haves in her MUA kit and she worked tirelessly to help us develop a perfect blend of base and accent colors that will 'pop!' your looks! From Neutrals to Vibrant Color, Rockwell has outdone  herself, once again! 

The Champagne Brunch Palette includes the beautiful matte colors: L to R






$18.00 ea Palette

                                                                                                 We Ship to US and CANADA

Carmed Highlighter Drops by the Rockwell Collection are for those that want to make a statement and have bling on their mind! Highly Faceted glitter micas are in an easy, vegan formula that can blend with foundations and skin without a 'grease' feel!

$15.00 ea

                                                       We Ship to US and CANADA

TriggerHappy Cosmetics is excited to announce a new and beautifully diverse collaboration with the one and only Miss Rockwell DeVil! The talented host of the Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest and an amazing model, we are so excited to bring her dark and tantalizing style to you! If you are a fan of her work or seeing her style for the first time, you will no doubt be mesmerized by the riot of deep, rich color that adds an enchanting and mysterious vibe to whatever you are wearing. From Deep maroons to glittery Intense greens and everything in between we encourage you to take a walk on the dark side if you dare!