Micare Black Pearl Collection



Pearl Powder has been a secret of the Orient for many years and is jam packed with minerals that promote circulation, cell regeneration and lighten sun spots and sun damage! Pore Minimizing is just another amazing benefit of this wonderful collection - get soft, youthful skin without harsh chemicals or surgery! Our pearl powder products are slightly mattifying and close up pores within a few minutes of application for beautiful, tone skin! This entire line is Organic and all pearls are harvested in the USA!

Retinol Renew is a 100% vegan, plant derived beta-carotene retinol with a .010% anti-oxidant (to negate the sun sensitivity a retinol treatment may cause) and is completely cruelty free and Gluten free. Unlike many other Retinol Products we do not use animal liver to derive our Retinol. We do not use cheap alternatives like retinol palmitate which create more demand on your liver, where most vitamin A is stored within the body. Retinol Renew Gel Caps are safe and concentrated to help repair aging, sagging skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will be less noticeable with continued use and your face will be moisturized and glow! We recommend a Every-Other-Day (15 Cap) Regimen for new users or Daily Regimen (30 Cap) for clients who have already used a retinol based product.

TriggerHappy Cosmetics is proud to bring you two new and amazing new ways to address your concerns about anti-aging issues. 'Love Your Skin' is addressed so often in the media and it is an amazing time to be a beautiful man or woman - so much acceptance and embracing different body types! But what about accepting age? Ageism is real - from employers to small talk joking, aging is not something that people on many levels respect or embrace. Aging can be a beautiful thing, or it can be new and scary. There are things we do not like from crows feet to laugh lines to wrinkles and fine lines or softer, less tone skin. 

TriggerHappy is committed to bringing you the absolute best, natural and PURE and anti-aging products with a focus on minimizing sagging skin to repairing age and sun damaged skin. Turning back the clock is not an option, but don't be ashamed or feel like you cannot turn heads when people find out you are older than you look! Whether you want vegan or organic options TriggerHappy Cosmetics is here to turn heads with you, at ANY age!

​Here are TWO of our newest options:

Gracefully, Beautifully and NATURALLY!

Retinol Renew 

Dramatic ANTI AGING & Skin Repair System

Micare Black Pearl Collection


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