BREATHE: Sinus & Congestion Fall Collection

‚ÄčStop Sinus Problems in their tracks! 
Safe, Natural ways to relieve and stop Sinus, Allergy and Cold Symptoms!
Vegan & Organic alternatives to harsh drug store medicines - our

Sinus Shower Steamers (vegan) have sold out every year we have carried them (this is our 3rd year making these!)

 Soy Wax Melts (vegan) can help alleviate coughs, sore throat and stuffiness in your home or office right in your favorite warmer! 

BREATHE Vapor Stick works JUST like vapo-rub but without the harsh ingredients like petrolatum (an ingredient found in gasoline) and turpentine oil (it's mostly found in oil based paint materials and is harsh on children). Our Vapor Stick is all natural and organic made with pure essential oils and ultra moisturizing beeswax to protect your skin!

ALL of these are recommended for 3yrs and up, so they are kid safe!

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