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Lip Scrub: Why, When and How do I do this?

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Velvet Creme Eyeliner in Little Black Heart

GlitterFactory Glitter Setting Pencil (Organic)

Rose Collection Shadows: Bubbly, Definite Maybe & DreamBoy

By: TriggerHappyTeam

Gals are in LOVE with the 'matte' lipstick craze - who can  blame them? It doesn't melt or shine and usually lasts longer than traditional lipsticks. However Matte lipsticks usually dry the life (literally the LIFE) out of your lips! Lip Scrubs come in super handy for just this reason! They exfoliate the dead skin (which makes matte lipstick look even MORE dried out) on your lips revealing the fresh healthy skin underneath, in addition any good Lip Scrub will have a ton of deep penetrating moisturizing oils as part of their blend. Our current best seller is our Avocado Lip Scrub and we recommend 1-3 times per week depending on how often you wear Matte lipstick. DO NOT use if you have cracked or bleeding lips, this will not help at that point, and most likely will hurt - we recommend our Double Dose Healing Lip Balm to repair wind damaged lips.

. Here is how WE apply our Lip Scrubs:

How To Use Your TriggerHappy Cosmetics!

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HydraPrime (Original Green Bottle)

Bang Bang Badass Brow Kit

Honey Sugar Face Scrub

Angled Brush & Spoolie Duo Brush

VIBE Hi Def Translucent Setting Powder

The basics: A Beauty Regimen  is timeless!

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Rose of Eden Foaming FaceWash

Avocado Vegan Lip Scrub

Fairest of Them All Blemish Butter

Basic EyeShadow Application: An Easy Daily Look!

By The TriggerHappyTeam/ Video by: www.MissMiriamPinup.Com

Underneath your makeup is where flawless skin begins! Spend time and money on your daily regimen products and we promise, your face will love you for it! One big thing, is t drink lots of water! Sounds crazy, but hydrated skin is glowing and has less wrinkles! When your skin is dehydrated it tends to look 'dried out' and have more of a sunken in look. Below is our FAVE video by Miss Miriam which highlights her nightly skincare routine!

(In espanol HERE)

By: TriggerHappyTeam

If you are like us then you don't have time for a long drawn out daily 'look' - or maybe you are new to the art of makeup application and need a short & sweet video to help you learn what 'blending', 'crease' and what colors go where! If so check out Miss Miriam's Instgram Vid!

​Tips & Tricks from our friends, MUA's and customers just like you!

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Avocado Vegan Lip Scrub

By The TriggerHappyTeam/ Video by: Lesle Rox

So many brow products and only 2 brows! What's the right product for you? Pomade or Powders? Is there a 'right' brush? What in god's name is a SPOOLIE?!

Check out this great vid by Leslye Rox as she goes through several how to tips and tricks that you may find useful whether you have sparse brows, full brows or maybe no brows - and how you can find products that work BEST for YOU!

Bang Bang Brow Tips: Badass Brows for the Everyday Gal