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Traditional Creme Lipstick - $12 ea

 Our Organic Creme Traditional Lipstick is an enriching blend of oils and waxes that keep your lips kissably soft! High color payoff and all natural ingredients make these a great addition to your lip collection!
Cruelty Free,Softening and completely Organic!

​Vegan Lip Scrubs - $5 ea


Our  Lip Scrubs are sheer bliss for the lips! It's like a Mini Spa Day that leaves your lips moisturized & invigorated.

-Avocado Lip Scrub

-Watermelon Twist

-Golden Pear

-Juicy Mango

-Vanilla Walnut

-Honey Lemon

How To Use

PinupLife Lip Plumper - $5 ea


PinupLife Daily Wear Lip Plumper is a sensitive formula that is gentle enough for daily wear but able to achieve plumper lips naturally! 1 coat may be your perfect swipe but we recommend applying coats until your lips are a bit tingly - that's totally normal!

Our special blend of cinnamon essential oil along with argan oil to condition and moisturize make this a great addition to your daily routine!

Lip Scrubs, Balms & Plumpers

PinupLife Lip Balms - $5 ea


PinupLife Lip Balms are moisturizing, healing and made to bring life to drying lips! A blend of oils make this lip balm like nothing you have ever used! Creamy in texture this revives your lips and makes them super soft!

TOP Color: Dynamite Red

Right  Color Roxy/  Left Color: Lula

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Organic Matte Liquid Lipstick - $12 ea

 Our Organic Matte Lipstick is more matte than regular lipsticks (that include more oils) but not so harsh as most matte lipstains are - we found a unique kaolin clay & carrot oil blend that provides long wear, semi matte feel and is still kind to your lips!
Cruelty Free, Long Lasting and completely Organic!

High Sheen Lip Gloss - $9 ea

Our High Gloss Lip Sheens are Vegan, made with Vitamin E and we offer them by the color in a 10ml tube. Our Glosses are all made with Vitamin E and we use copolymers to give you a long lasting shine and our rich, thick formula assures long lasting wear! Our Gloss pigments are more concentrated than our balms if you are looking for deeper color. Glosses have more pigment and no fillers so color is prominent and vibrant!
Please note: LIVID includes carmine.

Lip Makeup 

All Organic or Vegan - all the time. Mineral Makeup with no fillers, no additives and no boundaries!

Velvet creme Matte Lipstains - $12 ea *New Formula!*


Velvet Creme Matte Lipstain is our answer to the need for deeply pigmented long wearing lip color! This formula is completely Vegan, thicker than our old formula and dries totally matte.
Directions: Apply coat to lips, careful to wipe off any excess, this is a quickdry formula. Lipstain is long lasting and will not flake. 

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@janinemariebeauty modeling Crime Spree (top) and Contraband (bottom)

Photo'd Models: (Top) Miss Miriam Pinup (wearing Down & Flirty) / 
(Bottom/ Wearing Roxy) DesTiny Fatality on FACEBOOK