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VIBE Hi Def Translucent Setting POwder -

Regular (Vegan) or Black Pearl (Organic)

VIBE is our new age defying high def colorless powder that eliminates the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles as well as a weightless setting powder that keeps your makeup on all day! All of our setting powders are non-comedogenic. 

VIBE is our regular setting powder that can be mixed with your powder and blended into areas with fine lines and wrinkles, thus eliminating them from being highly noticeable.

VIBE BLACK is our setting powder with ultra fine ground pearl powder that helps eliminate oily sheen and mattifies your face. Best for use with more oily skin.

(Comes in jar with sifter)

$18.00 each


Like most, we assume you are here to not only check out our products but see how you can upgrade your makeup experience with a vegan/organic line of cosmetics - without being charged MORE. We are tired of paying for packaging and advertising and simply prefer to give you the best products made with the best ingredients in eco-friendly packaging that also is efficient and chic! Below are some of our best sellers and cosmetic sets that are bundled for even more affordability!