Miss Fluff & TriggerHappy Cosmetics

The Art of Miss Fluff is renowned in so many genres, social scenes and cult favorites that we couldn't wait to create cosmetics that match her lovely art in both vibrancy and quality! 

Creating our very first Palette with the amazing Claudette Barjoud was so fun and quite a learning experience and it was AMAZING! Learning more about one of our brands favorite artists was inspirational and truly was an honor for our humble brand!

Please visit her blog to keep up with Miss Fluff and peruse her amazing Collections!

For the latest Collection Collaboration between TriggerHappy & Miss Fluff please click below!

For Prints, Miss Fluff Blog and New Miss Fluff Art Visit www.MissFluff.Com

Pre-Order Only Open for TriggerHappy VIP/Email and Miss Fluff Email Subscribers from 3/25/17- April 1st 2017 

Pre-Order is only for the Palette and Lipstains OR The Entire Set.


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