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Our Off the Vine Papaya Enzyme care system is available as a Set, or you can pick and choose your ultimate favorites!

Off the Vine Papaya Toning Mist $15 - a daily use cooling mist that helps skin balance out, brighten and glow! Will tighten and tone skin, minimize pores and work with the other products in this set to brighten your skin.

Off the Vine Foaming Facial Cleanser $15- based off our signature Rose of Eden Cleanser this one has the added benefit of papaya enzyme papain that will exfoliate and cleanse your skin deeply without harsh chemicals.

Off the Vine Papaya Enzyme Peel $12 - is a super intense skin peel that incorporates the actual papaya stem that we grind into a fine powder, add papaya oil and our white clay blend for a penetrating brightening effect. Maximum 1x weekly use.

Off the Vine Papaya Moisturizer $12 - with a shea butter base, this moisturizer brightens, evens out and hydrates face, body and especially elbows and knee areas that tend to be darker.​​


Off The Vine

Buy the 4pc Set or choose your favorites!

PAPAYA ENZYME Care System Products

Our Off the Vine Papaya Enzyme care system is the answer if you desire that healthy looking youthful glow! WHY? Papaya has the  enzyme papain that helps fade the dark spots, induces skin fairness and removes blemishes from your face. Benefits of applying  our Off The Vine Papaya Enzyme products on face daily will show immediately as papaya is rich in antioxidants so it is good to ward off free radicals that can accelerate skin aging and other skin problems as well as promote brightness and reduce blemishes!