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Scrubs & Masks for Face and Body

Nourish your skin without harmful products & chemicals that are harsh. All Organic or Vegan - all the time!

Black Raspberry & Vanilla Cleansing Mask

Cleansing Olive Oil Cleansing base with White Sea Clay to pull out toxins keeps skin clear an fresh while Black Raspberry seeds exfoliate skin and keep it blemish free!

Loaded with rich antioxidants, Black Raspberry is know to:

-Blocks UV rays as a natural sunscreen.
-High antioxidant booster for fighting free radicals.
-Combats sun damage and photoaging.
-Boosts collagen and elastin for firmer skin.
-Fights acne and helps heal eczema and psoriasis.
-Fights age spots, wrinkles, premature aging.

TO USE: Rub in circular motions on a fresh washed face, allow to dry. Color will lighten and harden a little. Then gently wash off with warm water.

$8.00 /4 oz

Our Charcoal Cleansing Mask is a blend of beneficial oils like Argan, Avocado and Rose Hip with a base of Activated Charcoal, White Kaolin Clay and our vegan cleansing formula to provide you a deep and purifying mask! Our blend pulls toxins from your skin while nourishing your face.

Our Face Scrub is a mildly abrasive face scrub that exfoliates and replenishes with an essential oil blend that feeds your face all sorts of nutrients! We use a light base of avocado oil, vitamin E and Argan oils- which restores elasticity to the skin and contains anti-oxidants. 
Gentle Honey and a dash of Tea Tree Oil are perfect for Normal to Sensitive Skin.

Rejuvenating citrus blend is a welcome refresher to cleanse and exfoliate.
Walnut is a natural source of omega-3s and antioxidants. Skin is revived and glows!

 $12/ 4 oz Jar

New For Autumn!

Triggerhappy Signature Sugar Face Scrubs
$8/ 4 oz Jar

  Charcoal Cleansing Clay Mask