Skin Rejuvenating Night Cream

The Luminate Face Collection
$18.00 /1.4 oz Pump

 Radiant Prep Moisturizing Primer Drops
$18.00 /Vegan

Daily Routine FaceCare Recommendations


Hydrating Moisture Face Prep Oil with Vitamin A Collagen Booster is a Lightweight formula that creates even and hydrated skin for makeup application. Allows consistent blending and more adhesive base for pigments. SunRay is completely vegan. Apply directly to face and blend with brush or fingers.
MIX WELL BEFORE USE. Great for all Skin Types/ Combo or Dry Especially.

    HydraPrime Vegan Face Primer & Hydrator Sprays

The Luminate Face Collection
$12.00 /2.6 oz 

HydraPrime& Hydra Prime Rose and *NEW* HydraPrime Black Pearl are Makeup Primers for Face with Vitamin A Collagen Booster - this Vegan Face Primer hydrates your skin and reduces fine lines & wrinkles while infusing your skin with Vitamin A which stimulates growth rate of new cells and increasing collagen production.

HydraPrime Rose has an added Rose Oil B lend that is beneficial for Acne Prone & Oily Skin Types.

Spray before makeup on skin to prime face and after to 'set' your makeup!

Vegan/Alcohol Free

Fairest of them all Blemish Butter -

$9 (4 oz)/$16 (8 oz)ea

Our Blemish Butter is ideal for use to reduce scars and stretch marks the natural way - great if you are using for a skin problem like psoriasis, eczema or acne!. Our Fairest of Them All Blemish Butter is Vegan. With a light lemon scent, this product is made with Jojoba, Vitamin E, Rose Hip Oil and Avocado Oil in a base of creamy Green Tea, Lemon & Almond butter! The Lemon Oil & Peel reduces scar tissue and tones skin, and Jojoba is known for it's rejuvenating properties to the skin! Vitamin E is a natural preservative to assist in extending shelf life. 
Use just enough for a light coat over belly or other stretch mark areas or over scars. Older scars can take 10+ weeks to look visibly less noticeable. Should be applied once per day and we recommend waiting 15-20 mins before skin comes in contact with clothing as this is a slightly greasy butter.

Face & Body Care Products

Nourish your skin without harmful products & chemicals that are harsh. All Organic or Vegan - all the time!

We started with a green tea thick cream base , added wonderful things like Rose hip Oil (Omegas & AntiOxidants galore! Eliminates wrinkles and 'spots'), Vitamin E, Jojoba, Shea Butter, and several key essential oils that target skin cells - so when you apply it before bed  you are LITERALLY feeding your face nothing but amazing, skin enhancing properties meant to protect, rejuvenate and firm your skin!

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