Miss Fluff


The talented host of the Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest and an amazing model, who is excited to bring her dark and tantalizing style to you! If you are a fan of her work or seeing her style for the first time, you will no doubt be mesmerized by the riot of deep, rich color that adds an enchanting and mysterious vibe to whatever you are wearing. From Deep maroons to glittery Intense greens and everything in between we encourage you to take a walk on the dark side if you dare!

Visit Her at: www.facebook.com/MissRockwellDeVil/

Lauren aka Coppertop Ink


Rockwell de'vil

Int'l Model, Burlesque Performer and MUAH

Jessica is a licensed Cosmetologist with a flair for vibrant colors, cosplay and modeling! We love her mini tutorials on IG and her incorporation of TriggerHappy into various cosplay, nerdy and all other types of modeling she does! Check out her Unique Style here:

Dizzy Ms Lizzy 

Brand Model

Emily Doll inspires women through her positivity, her candid realness and attributes makeup as one of the biggest factors in gaining confidence.She says "That's what makeup does for me. It's been my best friend my entire life, it's been how I cope with the dark times, it's therapy for my anxiety and it's a joy for me to share with beauties all over the world. Together we are sharing a passion in beauty, not makeup but beauty. The beauty in each of us, in our kindness, in our love towards each other and in the imprint we leave behind on this Earth."

Check out her Channel at:

Ms Lizzy is a blend of unique style, cultural trendsetting and daring classic looks! As a Brand Model she brings her genre blending looks, saucy style and classic beauty to TriggerHappy! Check out her Unique Style here:


Jessica N. 

Brand Model/MUA

Nikki La Rouge is a Los Angeles based pinup with a wide range from cute cheesecake to daring and sultry. She believes in living life fully and happily. And if some TriggerHappy makes you happy, spread the happy girl!

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DesTiny has been with TriggerHappy for 3 years and and her love of color has made her a Muse to some of our more intense color pairings! DesTiny has continually pushed the boundaries with our cosmetics and has given TriggerHappy some very edgy looks to show our customers. 

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DesTiny Fatality

Brand Model

What is Fluff you ask? Miss Fluff is a world where pinups and tiki and mermaids and ghoulish gals live, a world created by talented artist, Claudette Barjoud! Her paintings are fantasy meets wishes and her designs are an eclectic mix of iconic style and fantasy-chic!
Miss Fluff's amazing Art has exclusively graced the Makeup of TriggerHappy Cosmetics since early 2017!

Visit Her Website & view her other amazing products at: www.MissFluff.Com

Who We Are & What We Support

NaviArts is a Teen Artist from Southern California who has an obsession/love for animals, enjoys art, digital design and makeup! Her youth allows her to bring a fresh and new perspective to her designs and art! She has designed for Triggerhappy Cosmetics since late 2016.

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TriggerHappy Cosmetics is owned by a Tattooed, Rockabilly Mermaid  & her ever patient USMC Veteran Partner. TriggerHappy Cosmetics supports charity organizations like the semper fi fund  , Standing Rock DAPL Legal/Protester Assistance Fund, angelsforanimalsrescue.org as they hit the heart of what TriggerHappy stands for - Independence, the love of creatures both great and small, Cruelty Free living and supporting our Troops!

We thank you for your purchases and support.

Born of color and light and Long Beach; CANDY has struck a fever in the landscape of Pop Surrealism. Her damsels of "The West", sultry hot rod gals and "Weirdo" monster types have graced galleries and magazines as far out as France, Italy, Germany, Japan and Australia.
Candy created an Art Palette for the Halloween 2018 Collection!

 Follow her at: https://www.instagram.com/candywild65/

Miss Ella Sapphire

Brand Model

Emily Doll


Exclusive Collaborations

Janel G.

Lead Colorist/MUA

Janel worked as a licensed Cosmetologist for 8+ years in various salons before coming to work with TriggerHappy Cosmetics! Creating some of our fan favorite eyeshadows is just one thing she does aside from being a Jewelry Designer! Check out her work as MUA and Designer here:

. The California lifestyle has definitely influenced Miss Ella in so many ways, from her unique sense of style to her charismatic attitude and obsession with vintage and Pinup accessories like make-up and high 40s -60s fashion. Cuurently Miss Rockabilly Summer Nights 2018 and Miss Imperials 2017.

Find more of Ella here:



Coppertop Ink is about mixing makeup and art! All of my drawings have a cartoon look with a vintage feel. I was also inspired by old traditional tattoos with the bright look of the blush on the side of the cheeks. I started to add real blush to my characters to mimic that look, and that has been my trademark ever since!

Coppertop Ink will be our first Art Palette of 2019!

Visit Her Website & view her other amazing products at:


or on insta @coppertop.ink

Brand Models & MUAH's

Candy Weil



Teen Artist

Nikki La Rouge

Brand Model

Official Brand Photographers

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